The Tipplers

Our beautiful sweet baby angels.

Toby Darling, CSS

Toby’s the guy who accidentally started this service. He has worked in just about every aspect of the beverage industry:  Manufacturing, craft and volume bartending, breweries, distilleries, sales, as a brand ambassador, retail managing, and program directing.  He’s currently the Operations Director and Director of Sales for Dr. Thacher’s Cocktail Syrups.  He volunteers as the Beverage Director for the Chattanooga Film Festival.  He is one of the founders of the Chattanooga Beverage Alliance.  And… alright enough about Toby.

Certified Specialist of Spirits (SWE)
Hospitality & Beverage Specialist (SWE)
BarSmarts Advanced Certified (Pernod-Ricard)
Certified Bourbon Steward (Stave & Thief)

Allison Hayes

Allison has worked behind every type of bar imaginable: high volume craft bars like Flying Squirrel, sports beer bars like Tremont Tavern, distilleries like Chattanooga Whiskey, and breweries like OddStory.  She’s a serial bartender and can do it all.  From creating that perfect cocktail to schooling you on whiskey and beer, she’s your lady to get the job done.  She also has killer dance moves.

BarSmarts Certified (Pernod-Ricard)

Matt Lawson

Lawson is a career craft cocktail bartender.  As a teenager, he started working in restaurants in the kitchen until he turned 21.  That’s when he realized his passion wasn’t behind the scenes, but rather behind the bar.  With his background in the culinary world, he creates unique cocktails approaching his drinks with the mindset of a chef.  He’s been featured in Forbes, The Food Network, and countless other publications.  He’s friends with the Russell family of Wild Turkey and friends with Francisco Alcaraz, the Master Distiller of Patrón.  And he currently runs the bar program at Whiskey Thief.

BarSmarts Certified (Pernod-Ricard)
Certified Bourbon Steward (Stave & Thief)