About Me

Who is the Gypsy Tippler?

Rule one of traveling:  Find a Bar

To tipple, means to drink excessively, so I suppose you could call me the traveling drunk. Follow me on my adventures as I search for the bottom of a glass, and hopefully I can help you with your own tippling endeavors by sharing my own recipes for cocktails.  And if you find me on my travels, first round on me.

I wander aimlessly a lot in search for a new horizon and a new drink in my hand.  Sometimes I make the drinks myself.  Beer, wine, and whiskey are my three loves (and I suppose you are, too).

I love making cocktails for my friends, or after a long day of work.  The few days when I’m not working, I usually hit the road to begin an adventure to delve into cultures I have yet to experience, and what better way to get to know a community than to share a drink with them.

Follow me on my own shake-and-strain adventures, and my never-ending journey to make new friends over a few rounds.  And if our paths ever cross — first round is on me.


Certified Specialist of Spirits, Certified Beer Server, Bar Smarts Advanced Graduate, Hospitality & Beverage Specialist, 2017 Bartender of the Year Semifinalist