About Us

The Gypsy Tippler is a title earned by the most enthusiastic, passionate, and talented bartenders.  It started off by one guy (the guy typing this), as a blog, and well, it’s turned to much more than that.  We offer knowledge.  We offer stupid “dad” jokes and puns.  We offer a chance to turn your idea into a reality.  Or a friendly smile to stand behind the bar and serve drinks at your next rave.

All Tipplers are vetted endlessly to make sure they provide professional and accurate information when it comes to the beverage industry.  All of us are beverage nerds.  We don’t read fiction books for fun – we read books about alcohol.  We aren’t going to the local mini golf range on a day off – we go to the liquor store and spend hours there without even realizing.  And we aren’t using our vacation days for vacation – we visit distilleries, breweries, or wineries… although, that is fun.

To tipple, means to drink excessively, so I suppose you could call us the traveling drunks.  If you find one of us on our travels, we’ll buy the first round.