Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco, México

Granted I was on a trip that was all inclusively provided by Patron Tequila.  Granted I was staying at their Hacienda whose housing is built like a luxury hotel, a room at any normal rate would cost more than my months rent for one night.  These gorgeous buildings developed in the early 2000s resting on acres of a well maintained landscape.  All these beautiful things stuck in the middle of the highlands of Jalisco, further embellished by the geographical scenery which surrounds the valley tucked Hacienda.

All these things…. couldn’t hide the way of life in the neighboring town less than a mile away.  Nor could hide all the dilapidated buildings that seem to house dozens of people.  Felled walls of brick lay rest near a newly make-shift pallet wall draped by a thin tarp.  Roofs patched simply by laying down a tarp, or a putting a pile of debris over the hole.  Homes you could easily see into as you’re driving by because the building doesn’t actually have a front door. All these destroyed canisters that are now serving as shelters stretched far and wide on tattered roads from the airport to where I sit typing this.

Yet, the people are happy.  They look happy.  They seem happy.  They seem humble, and grateful, and loving.

And they were.  They were amazing.

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