Deconstructed Irish Coffee

Alright, so maybe I should be calling this a Cowboy Coffee since I’m using bourbon.  Though, cowboys aren’t the only group of people who drink bourbon.  Maybe I should be more specific.  Tom Elliot Coffee.  Selleckian Coffee.  Ehh.  What’s the point?  This drink is timeless, simple, complex, and amazing.
I chose to deconstruct this recipe into these different parts.  And trust me, it was even more weird to pour cream into a glen cairn then it is for you to look at it.  But just like the super hip coffee bars that are on nearly every corner of any city who serve a little side of soda with your shot of espresso — I thought it would be super cool to be able to serve a drink like this, allowing the consumer to add and make their own ratios.
Deconstructed Irish Coffee
2oz Coffee
2oz Bourbon
2oz Cream
2tbs Raw Sugar
4oz Soda Water
1 Sprig Rosemary
Serve in individual glasses.

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