Matcha’do About Nothing

There’s something satisfying about seeing an egg white foam perfectly layered atop of a drink.  Egg white cocktails (when well executed) are hands down my first choice when I see one on a menu.
I’ve always had a long obsession with Green Chartreuse.  It’s my favorite liqueur without question.  The history alone is what enthralled me, then throw in the botanical candy taste…. ughh… I’m in heaven.  While the base of this drink is gin, my focus of what I wanted to be pronounced is the Domaine de Canton and the Green Chartreuse.  The terroir gin offers a nice herbal taste to help extend those notes in the Chartreuse, and yet still be able to complement the Domaine de Canton.
This was a cocktail I presented to Heaven Hill’s 2017 Bartender of the Year competition where I landed as a semifinalist.
Matcha’do About Nothing
1.5oz St George Terroir Gin
1oz of Domaine de Canton
5oz Green Chartreuse
1oz Lemon Juice
.5oz Plum & Pear Simple Syrup
1bspn Matcha Green tea Powder
1 Egg White
Garnish: Matcha Dust
Glassware: Coupe
Method:  Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice.  Strain out the ice and shake dry.

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