White Russian

I was sixteen when I used to drink booze from my parents liquor cabinet.  At the time the only cocktail I was remotely familiar with was a White Russian due to countless viewings of the Big Lebowski.  One particular night when my parents were out of town I was trying to impress my friend by making us cocktails, so naturally The Dude called out to me to make some White Russians.

This would be the first time I had ever attempted to make a cocktail…and it was terrible.

I went to my parents cabinet, swiped a bottle of Kettle One, and proceeded to attempt to make a White Russian.  With the only knowledge of what I seen poured out on screen, most of my moves were guess work.  Without measuring I poured the vodka into a pint glass over ice, I opened the fridge looking for milk, but the only thing I could find was French vanilla coffee creamer.  I put more creamer than vodka.  I covered the top of the pint glass with a red solo cup, and shook as hard as I could for approximately three seconds.  I poured the entire concoction into two rocks glasses without straining, and passed one to my friend, and the other to myself.  Needless to say, those drinks ended up in the sink, then we ultimately proceeded to drink the vodka straight out of the bottle instead.

I felt for my first entry it would be appropriate to post the first cocktail I ever made.  Luckily, these days my imbibing habits have improved to much self reliance.


White Russian

For my White Russian I decided to freeze dark roast coffee into an ice ball.  I was inspired to do so after drinking a cocktail at a local bar that froze some cold brew into a large ice cube.  I recommend for you to do the same thing if enjoy the coffee nuances.

2oz Covington Sweet Potato Vodka

1oz Whisper Creek Tennessee Whiskey Cream

.5oz Heavy Cream

.5oz Grind Espresso Coffee Liqueur

Method:  Place your large coffee rock inside a rocks glass and pour the coffee liqueur.  In a shaker, combine remaining ingredients with ice and shake well.  Fine strain gently to layer your cocktail.

A fine drink I’m sure the Dude would abide.



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