Rule one of traveling:  Find a bar.

We travel.  We drink.  We teach.  We pour.  Contact us for your next event, idea, or if you just want a pal to share a drink with.  The Tipplers are here for you.

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The Gypsy Tippler is a title earned by the most enthusiastic, passionate, and talented bartenders.  It started off by one guy (the guy typing this), as a blog, and well, it’s turned to much more than that.  We offer knowledge.  We offer stupid “dad” jokes and puns.  We offer a chance to turn your idea into a reality.  Or a friendly smile to stand behind the bar and serve drinks at your next rave.

All Tipplers are vetted endlessly to make sure they provide professional and accurate information when it comes to the beverage industry.  All of us are beverage nerds.  We don’t read fiction books for fun – we read books about alcohol.  We aren’t going to the local mini golf range on a day off – we go to the liquor store and spend hours there without even realizing.  And we aren’t using our vacation days for vacation – we visit distilleries, breweries, or wineries… although, that is fun.

To tipple, means to drink excessively, so I suppose you could call us the traveling drunks.  If you find one of us on our travels, we’ll buy the first round.


The Tipplers

Our beautiful sweet baby angels.

Toby Darling, CSS

Toby’s the guy who accidentally started this service. He has worked in just about every aspect of the beverage industry:  Manufacturing, craft and volume bartending, breweries, distilleries, sales, as a brand ambassador, retail managing, and program directing.  He’s currently the Operations Director and Director of Sales for Dr. Thacher’s Cocktail Syrups.  He volunteers as the Beverage Director for the Chattanooga Film Festival.  He is one of the founders of the Chattanooga Beverage Alliance.  And… alright enough about Toby.

Certified Specialist of Spirits (SWE)
Hospitality & Beverage Specialist (SWE)
BarSmarts Advanced Certified (Pernod-Ricard)
Certified Bourbon Steward (Stave & Thief)

Allison Hayes

Allison has worked behind every type of bar imaginable: high volume craft bars like Flying Squirrel, sports beer bars like Tremont Tavern, distilleries like Chattanooga Whiskey, and breweries like OddStory.  She’s a serial bartender and can do it all.  From creating that perfect cocktail to schooling you on whiskey and beer, she’s your lady to get the job done.  She also has killer dance moves.

BarSmarts Certified (Pernod-Ricard)

Taylor Smith

Taylor has worked in the beverage industry his entire adult life.  His experience working as a buyer, manager, and self-proclaimed “Spirit Guide” at one of the premier stores in Chattanooga, Imbibe Wine & Spirits, allow him to help curate any home collection.  He is a purveyor of beer, wine, and spirits with the knowledge to back it.  He’s also a key member of the Tipplers for private events or large parties — able to sling drinks in any condition.  Not to mention he has long luscious blonde locks.

Satisfied Imbibers

“It was great having you apart of the Chattanooga Film Festival family this year. We hope you will be there every year!”

Dave Lawson, Board Member, Chattanooga Film Festival

“Toby. If I wasn’t already getting married you may have stolen my heart. This drink is delicious!”

Samantha Crews, The Happiest Bride

Speciality Cocktails

If you haven’t realized by now, we love making cocktails.  If you’re in need of a signature drink for that silent disco, new bar, or to impress your mother-in-law:  we have you covered. See more.

Rose & The Doctor

We love gin.  We love egg-white cocktails.  And one of us loves Doctor Who and he couldn’t resist using this name.

Eden Mill Love Gin
Dr. Thacher’s Pomegranate Limeade Syrup
Fresh Lemon Juice
Red Rose infused Dolin Dry Vermouth
Peychaud’s Bitters
Egg White
Dried Red Rose Petals

Ramòn’s Negroni

Nothing beats this classic. Ask Anne-Louise… do you know her? You should. The Negroni is the king of all gin cocktails. It’s perfection in a three part form. Hard to improve on a classic, right? Try replacing the gin with tequila. Just saying.

Espolon Tequila
Cinzano 1757

Lucky Limerick

How about a refreshing whiskey cocktail? It’s guaranteed to leave your breath fresh, and that photograph-the-hired-photographer-takes-of-you-with-this-cocktail-in-your-hand fresh.

Cynar 70
Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Reserve
Pure Cane Simple Syrup
Lucid Absinthe
Fee Brother’s Chocolate Bitters
Muddled Spearmint

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