Rule one of traveling:  Find a Bar

I’m a beverage nerd.  I don’t read fiction books for fun – I read books about alcohol.  I don’t go to the local mini-golf range on a day off – I go to the liquor store and spend hours there without even realizing it.  And I’m not using my vacation days for vacation – I visit distilleries, breweries, or wineries… although, that is fun.

I’ve been in the industry just about my entire work career, aside from that odd year working at a bank.  I’ve worked in manufacturing, craft and volume bartending, breweries, distilleries, sales, brand activating, retail managing, and program directing.  Currently:  I am the Bar Manager and a Resident Educator of Proof Incubator.  I’m the Chief Officer of Operations and Director of Sales for Dr. Thacher’s Cocktail Syrups.  I volunteer as the Beverage Director for the Chattanooga Film Festival.  And I’m one of the founders and current President of the Chattanooga Beverage Alliance

To tipple means to drink excessively, so I suppose you could call me the traveling drunk.  If you find me on my travels I’ll buy the first round.


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